Life In A Nutshell

Road on topThere is a stage in everyone’s life where they stop and look at themselves and perhaps say, “There must be more than this in my life”, or something similar. This is the first step of our journey, through awareness.

In the mid 70’s, while meditating I felt the vibration of my Chakra’s, (at that time didn’t know what they were) so I set about finding out information on them.  What I found was highly complicated text from Eastern religions.  Through continuing studies, I started to break down the information into a form that the beginner could understand. In 1998 the article was published in Diversity, Geraldton’s Journal for Mind, Body & Spirit by Kate MacDuff.  Since then I have added to the information with the experiences that have come about from working with my Chakras.

I became interested in Alternative Health in 1982 after being inflicted with Arthritis in my hands, neck and shoulders, in the late 70's. Studying many healing modalities, always searching for the causes to diseases, which brought me to realize that mind, body and spirit needed to be in balance.  By understanding all levels we are able to have more control over our lives, and this was the beginning of my Holistic studies.

I began studying Nutrition, for many of our aches and pains are caused by too much acid within our diets. By looking inside and outside our physical body I realized that massage was also very important.Sea

I opened my own business, Body Therapy, in 1990 with the main therapy of massage, studying Deep-tissue, Chinese, Thai and Sports massage techniques, to name a few, from there the business grew to incorporate many therapies. Also studied Reflexology, Shiatsu, Jin Do Shin, Bowen Therapy, Acupressure, EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique), Touch for Health and Australian Flower Essence.

In 1993, Reiki became a part of my life and work and in 1996, I become a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. Reiki has shown me the importance of awareness, unconditional love, acceptance, expectations, respect, trust and above all understanding myself and others and of life. This led me to studying, Stress Management, Personal and Spiritual Healing, so that I may help others on their journey through life.

In late 1994 I was confronted with the suicide of my husband of 23 years, this lead to much turmoil in my life, and with the knowledge that I had obtained in my studies, I found the strength and courage to carry on with the support of my two children. 

In 1998 I closed my business and worked from home while undertaking further studies, understanding that the Mind had a big part in our health, that is our mindsets, whether leaning towards being positive or negative in our reaction to emotional stress and physical stress. We all make choices each day, in everything thing we do, a choice is made. It only takes a couple of days for a habit to manifest, but at least 21 days of conscious thought to change that habit.

We as individuals can make a difference to our overall health and well-being, and start living a happier life. Our spiritual side is also important, I’m not talking about religion, it is the inner you, the spirit of self. This is where Mind, Body and Spirit come into our well-being.

In 1999 I became a Karuna Reiki® Master/Teacher, which helps to heal on a deeper level. Helping to develop compassion, communication, improving learning ability, helps to heal co-dependence , insomnia, past life issues, karmic issues, shadow self, sexual and physical abuse issues, to name a few. This then lead me to become a Spiritual Counsellor/Healer.

Through my experiences in life, such as sudden loss of my father, migraines, arthritis, I battled depression because of no self-worth and no self-confidence, mental abuse, the loss of my husband through suicide. Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi have also been a big part of my life.

I have experienced lower back and leg pain over many years, and have been able to manage this pain through many alternative ways, another challenge came along in the way of Ross River Virus, then on my way into the outback, blew a tyre on my van, which tipped onto its side, and I was there in the outback for 4 days, injured, before anyone came along.

I have experienced many thing in my life, so that I may pass on my passion, knowledge, compassion and understanding and therefore, I may be able to help yourself or others.

About Me 1Awareness of yourself through how you feel and what your thoughts are,  enable you to grow, so continue along your journey, into love, peace and  harmony.

Thank you for your time.

Erica Dimock

Life in a Nutshell