Life In A Nutshell


Every human being is born with 2 bodies, the physical and the energetic. The energetic systems role is as a healing agent, and its relationship to all other life and energetic forms. This life force is of the Universe, known as Prana in India, Chi in China & Ki in Japan. In the East and West Spiritual traditions this is regarded as an inexhaustible source of healing energy. The Chakras, bioelectric circuitry, distributing this Universal energy through our physical body, cleansing and restoring it.
The Chakras are energy centres that function like data banks in your body. Each Chakra, records a specific type of data. For example, experiences concerning your self-esteem are logged in the third chakra.

We have two main energetic systems within our bodies, Chakra’s and Meridians, which when become blocked, illness in some form attacks our Body (Physical), Mind (Mental) and Spirit (Metaphysical).

ChakrasThese Chakra centres hold the keys to health, happiness, and success, and can assist you with anything from feeling safe and secure, to accessing Divine guidance and unconditional love, and even manifesting your vision so you can full fill your life’s true purpose.

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for “wheel” or “spinning wheel of light”, these are configurations in the structure of the energy field, existing on each of the seven levels.  The physical body is the densest component of many interactive energy fields.  Each of these fields, or higher dimensional light bodies, is connected to the physical cellular structure through a complex network of energy threads.  This integral web of life energies allows the higher vibrational forces to manifest in the physical body through  their guiding effects upon the patterns of cellular growth and upon the unfolding of human consciousness.  These unique centres, known as the Chakras, process vibrational energy of specific frequencies, via our endocrine system.Seven Main Chakras

The endocrine glands are part of a powerful master control system that affects the physiology of the body from the level of cellular gene activation on up to the functioning of the central nervous system. The Chakras are thus able to affect our moods and behaviour through hormonal influences on brain activity.  The Chakras play a vital role in the regulation of various states of consciousness, especially in regard to people’s emotional nature.  Because inner emotional balance is partly a function of properly working Chakras and integrated subtle bodies, a greater understanding of the Chakras will eventually provide explanations as to how different emotional states can create illness and wellness.

Because our minds as well as our bodies are composed of energy, our emotions and ideas can also block the flow of energy.  The Chakras are responsive to positive and negative thoughts and attitudes, they offer a true means of transformation by giving us the opportunity to know, love, and understanding ourselves more fully. By taking responsibility for our energy we open the doors to greater awareness, growth and development.

In our overdeveloped technical world there are many people today who are physically and mentally developed but who, for want of spiritual education or inner experience, are not themselves emotionally mature.

In the human race males work mainly from Base and Sacral Chakras, while females work mainly from Base, Sacral and Solar-Plexus Chakras.  The Higher Chakras, which are associated with the issues of love, joy, brother hood and self expression, have never been allowed to mature.

The Chakras are dimensional portals within the subtle bodies which take in and process energy of a higher vibrational nature so that it may be properly assimilated and used to transform the physical body.  I will first of all discuss the seven major Chakras and then the many minor Chakras throughout the body.  The Chakras may be represented as a wheel or mandala, by a specific colour or sound, or as a lotus flower.

The lotus arises from the mud, through the water, to emerge in the light: as such it symbolises our growth from the realms of darkness and ignorance to the awakener state of enlightenment. 

Lotus Flower

Beginning below the base of the spine and moving upwards to the top of the head, the Chakras reflect this movement from the more instinctive, self-centred behaviour, through the exertion of the ego, to ever higher states of compassion and wisdom.

Awakening to your Chakras heightens and intensifies your spirituality awareness but, important as this is, spirituality cannot truly flourish unless you are also on a pathway to fulfilment and growth in life as a whole.

Your spirituality cannot find true expression unless you are a whole being – healthy in mind, body, emotions and spirit.