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Quan Yin

Kwan Yin is the Western version spelling while Chinese spelling is Quan Yin.

Quan Yin is considered to be the female Buddha and in some writings it is believed Quan Yin was the Mother of Buddha,  assisting Buddha with her female approach through compassion and mercy.

She in one of the Ascended Masters and known as the Goddess of Mercy.

Kwan Yin

The laws of Karma demand swift repayment for each karmic Law  we violate, but the grant of mercy sets the burden aside for us until the wisdom and ability to deal with it is attained – this means reaching the stage whereby understanding permits the giving and receiving of true forgiveness in the form of true atonement (the state of being at one-ment with ones Divine Nature).

She accordingly works with Lao-Tsu and the Mercy flame to dispense this compassionate form of justice. This Flame is the colour of orchids – deep pink / purple (Divine Love tempering the Divine Will of God), thus being composed of a combination of rose pink and purple Rays. The purple Ray contains more of the blue of Divine Will than the violet flame, and has a deeper cleansing action to the etheric bodies, especially the spiritual etheric bodies (layers 4 and above). This will help to clear records of the past (including past lives) that may be buried deeply within the subconscious It is this transformation that is Lao-Tzu’s speciality, tempered by Quan Yin’s compassion. Know too that forgiveness and mercy works both ways – if we expect it, then we have also to give it to others. Quan Yin can also therefore help us release our hurts and truly forgive those who may have hurt us. We need to see that to hold on to our reactive feelings about wrong doings against us, harms us more than the person doing, and we need to forgive and forget if we want to be truly at peace with ourselves: if we can recall the memory of a misdeed, then we have not truly forgiven.

Quan Yin will work with us in attaining the qualities of compassion, forgiveness and love. She wishes us to be able to heal our heart chakra and emotional body of its wounds, and does this through restoring self-confidence and helping us to remove emotional blocks which may prevent us from moving forwards in life. Many people have been hurt or affected in some way by things that have happened in their upbringing (and even in past lives). These may leave one feeling unloved, unsure of who and what one is, or even identifying with and taking on the archetypal energy of “victim”. We need to resolve these feelings which are not a part of our true selves, and see ourselves in our true lights as who we really are. When we understand that we are lovable and loved, this enables us to be loving and forgiving towards others.

Violet Flame 

Quan Yin Voilet flame

Buddha was the originator of the Violet Flame and Quan Yin was the keeper of the Flame before it was passed onto another Ascended Master St. Germain

“The Violet Flame is the activity of the Divine Love which consumes all that is less than perfect. It is an action of Mercy and Compassion” (Law of Life, by A. D. K. Luk)