Life In A Nutshell


Where the initiation of Reiki I (first degree) opened you to the awareness of the Universal Life energy, Reiki II will now enable you to enhance and expand on increasing the energy associated with Reiki.  As always Reiki II gives us much to learn and focus on first and foremost with our own personal growth.


With Reiki II you are initiated with symbols and given the symbols to use on a conscious and mental emotional level to increase the energy flow.  These symbols are Sanskrit, which is one of the very first ancient languages to be documented.  The power of distance healing and a new awakening in your own psyche and clairvoyance  will become evident.


With Reiki II, because it is to be used primarily for the purpose of distant healing, (which will be explained further) it doesn’t take away the quality of healing energy.  It can be used also when you are doing a session of hands on and this simply allows the increased flow of energy to become evident.  It also reaches deep within the mind of recipients which will no doubt, bring much of the old conditioning to the surface.


This journey which I see as spiritual, is also a journey into a life that is both peaceful and harmonious, and one in which you accept the responsibility of your own continuing growth.


By spending a few moments each morning and evening on the Reiki Principles and giving yourself a Reiki treatment you will find that it becomes easier to live up to them and have a happier more balanced life.