Life In A Nutshell

Seven Main Chakra’s

7 main ChakrasWe have Seven main Chakra systems in our physical body, plus the palms of our hands and soles of our feet.   While they cannot be seen, the Chakras are evident in the shape of our physical bodies, the patterns manifested in our lives. The way we think, feel, and handle situations  that life brings to us.

The lower Chakras are physically closer to the earth, and are related to the more practical aspects of life, such as survival, movement and action.  The Upper chakras represent mental realms and work on a symbolic level through words, concepts and images.

Base Chakra

1st Chakra known as the Base or Root, is situated at the coccyx or base of the Spine

The Base or Root centre reflects the degree to which we feel connected to the Earth or are grounded in our activities.  The amount of energy that flows through the base Chakra is a reflection of one’s ability to link with the Earth and to function effectively upon the Earth plane from day to day making decisions based on their acute needs. Psychologically it is linked to the basic survival instincts.  It is connected with primal feelings of fear from physical injury and is the prime mover behind the fight-flight response.


Sacral Chakra2nd Chakra known as Sacral, is situated 50mm below Navel


The Sacral is connected to issues of desire, sexuality and reproduction, as well as financial issues. Having secured our ground, we now need to deal with the details of living our daily life.  This covers a vast area; it determines how we feel about intimacy, sharing, communication, relating, birthing and parenting, money and the world of exchange, trade and business.


Solar Plexus Chakra3rd Chakra known as Solar Plexus, is situated in the solar plexus region


Emerging out of survival and procreation, this is where the individuation process starts - the development of the ego, self-consciousness and power. We assimilate information and digest the world, where we manifest basic fears and desires, such as rage or the need for control.


Heart Chakra4th Chakra known as the Heart, is situated in the spine, directly behind the centre of chest.



Moving from the development of the individual  at the Solar-Plexus Chakra, this is where we evolve into a truly loving person by opening our hearts. It is where the deeper qualities of service and compassion develop. The Heart Chakra is perhaps one of the most important centre in our subtle energy bodies. An unawakened Heart Chakra is seen in a closed or cold heart, unable to warm to others or even to truly care about ourselves.


Throat Chakra5th Chakra known as the Throat, is situated in the neck, directly behind the throat.



From an awareness of others and the development of loving kindness, we move into expressing that love - this is the wakening of the throat centre so that our true voice may be heard, with expression and assimilation. The throat is both the entrance to our whole being, through which we take in nourishment, as well as the exit point for our feelings.  It forms a bridge between the head and the body, the mind and the heart.  A Throat Chakra that is not activated will restrict that flow of energy, hindering our ability to receive love or express ourselves.  We will lie, cheat or insult. It may feel as if we have no voice, that we are not being heard, or perhaps we are fearful of speaking up for ourselves.


Third -Eye Chakra6th Chakra known as the Third-Eye, is situated behind the centre of the eyebrows.



Symbolised as a Third-Eye, this Chakra is the eye of wisdom that looks within and sees the truth.  It is associated with the mind and the development of higher consciousness, and in particular with the development of perception and intuition.  Where the ego was so predominant in the solar plexus, here the ego is dissolving as consciousness expands beyond individual self.  This is the eye that sees through the limitations of human existence to the transcendent wisdom of the enlightened mind.


Crown Chakra7th Chakra known as the Crown, is situated on top of the head.


Is seen as the penultimate human experience, where the “I” dissolves into cosmic consciousness. Personal desires are purified and all activity become selfless. This is not so much the end of the journey as the beginning of the real journey - the emergence of the true human.  When this Chakra is not wakened then it is reflected in a strong ego and a resistance to spiritual growth.  Because this is the final awakening, the resistance is greater.  This can lead to depression and sadness, for life seems to have no meaning.  It takes tremendous commitment and trust to maintain the journey.  Most important is the development of faith, whether in an external God, or the divinity within ourselves.


Without faith there is an emptiness, a vacuum or spiritual void.